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Here is the exciting new way for Australians and New Zealanders to celebrate and display their favourite sporting heroes, moments and events.

The idea’s very simple and unique – a photograph of your choice on a ball. It can be a shot of your favourite sports star. Or it could be like a personalized trophy with your own picture on display!

And it’s a product that is fully protected by patent.

More than just sports balls

How ingeniously simple!
Imagine Christmas baubles featuring a family picture.
Personalised photography on sports balls as gifts for friends and family.

And with OzballStars products, there are also opportunities in the business and corporate arenas.

Balls with OzLogos too!

With OzLogos, we can reproduce a company or product logo on quality balls of any quantity, within 72 hours, delivered anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. And the price is extremely competitive too! Ask us for a quote.
OzBallStars, through our associate company in the US, have secured solid working relationships with ball manufacturers including our own famous manufacturers of name balls.

Many Australian sports balls are now available and we are currently developing balls for tennis, touch, and field hockey. We are also developing a lawn bowl. Stay tuned!

It pays to get on the ball!

We have only been operating since November í06, with the current Licensees very happy with the results and the initial contact from mumís and dadís, grandparents, sports clubs, school P&Cís, and the many business houses wanting logos and special orders. We are still seeking interest from those who may be thinking of taking up a part time home based business or even a complete, full time commercial business opportunity. If you are interested please contact OzBallStars

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